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RTP announces the introduction of the 2500 TÜV approved safety system

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Press Release
October 3, 2006
For Immediate Release

Pompano Beach, FL - October 3, 2006 - RTP announces the introduction of the 2500 TÜV approved safety system (PDF 800kb).  The 2500 is approved for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications and achieves a new level of availability and integrity.  It can be used as a stand-alone safety controller, as a distributed control system for critical applications, or both functions can be combined in a 2500 controller.

The RTP 2500-T is a next generation triple modular redundant system that ensures the highest integrity and the highest availability of user data. It utilizes voting routines to ensure the process is protected and-equally important-the 99.9999% (6 NINES) availability insures that expensive downtime is eliminated.

Better Than Traditional Safety Systems

The 2500 offers the user more flexibility than traditional safety systems. Where past safety systems dictate the level of redundancy and/or limit the user's ability to protect the safety system from possible physical incidents, RTP has taken advantage of today's high speed networking technology-including high-speed logic switching and a fast Ethernet-based I/O bus-to do away with the limitations of older systems. Redundant or triplicated 2500 controllers can be housed separately to ensure survivability in a catastrophe.

Additional I/O chassis can be located remotely (up to 12km's using fiber optic communications) from the three controllers to eliminate the high cost and complexity of homerun wiring.

When utilizing the 2500, redundancy becomes a configurable attribute of the system.  With no redundancy, the 2500 controller and I/O meet the requirements of SIL-2 applications.  The addition of a redundant controller makes the 2500 applicable to SIL-3 applications. 

Additional redundancy up to triplicated controllers and I/O can be added to meet the availability desired by the end user.  A fully triplicated system provides availability of 99.9999%; the highest calculated availability of any safety system.

I/O redundancy can be achieved on a point-by-point basis.  It is not dictated by hardware selection.  Two or three points on one module, two or three points on different modules in the same chassis, or two or three points on different modules in different chassis can be made redundant or triplicated.  The integrity and availability of each input and output device can be configured as required by the application.

Complete DCS Integration

The 2500 integrates seamlessly with RTP's 2300 Distributed Control System.  The same NetSuite Software is used with both products.  Both products communicate over the 100Mb Ethernet host network to the NetSuite application.  A peer-to-peer link can be established between the two products, which also communicate over a 100Mb Ethernet network.

The TÜV approval allows for control and safety to be combined in the same controller, and the 61131 compliant instruction set insures that complete control systems can be configured in the 2500.

According to Asish Ghosh, Vice President ARC Advisory Group, "The RTP 2500 safety and critical control system with TMR architecture offers high availability along with seamless interface to their RTP 2300 control system.  Additionally, RTP 2500 on its own offers both control and safety functions, which is well suited for critical control applications.  Manufacturers increasingly look to this kind of capability to lower costs while increasing safety."

Fewer Restrictions

With a 10-year proof test interval and MTTF of up to more than 2600 years, users of the 2500 are assured of years of trouble free operation.


Click here to view the TUV report on the 2500 architecture.

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