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RTP Corporation Takes Critical Control and Safety Systems to a New Level

Friday, February 09, 2007

By Dr. Maurice J. Wilkins


RTP Corporation, DCS, Critical Control, TMR, Safety System, High Availability, Cost of Ownership, OpX



High Speed, High Integrity, and High Availability are the words that RTP uses to describe their TÜV certified 2500 safety system. To those superlatives, some might also add High Versatility. All of these go together to make a system that is raising the bar in the critical control and safety industry. Many manufacturing industries are showing over 95% asset utilization, so uptime is becoming very important to them. Of course, safety is the first priority of any manufacturer, but they cannot afford nuisance trips, alarms, and issues to cause unwarranted shutdowns. As end-user companies strive for Operational Excellence, RTP's 2500 system offers a good alternative for these manufacturers to consider as a SIS, DCS combination.


  • RTP is setting a new paradigm for Safety Instrumented Systems.
  • RTP's advanced diagnostics allow end-user companies to achieve a SIL 3 system with fewer cards.
  • The RTP 2500 with a guaranteed scan rate of 25ms is the fastest SIS on the market today. The RTP 2300 is a true DCS with a faster scan rate than most PLCs.
  • RTP's policy of offering an unlimited license for $6,000 is one that is unique in the DCS market.
  • End-user companies who are considering using a SIS should take a serious look at RTP Corporation.

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