Product Benefits


  • Reduced Capital Costs
    • 40% Less than conventional DCS Systems
    • Site License on Comprehensive Software Suite
  • Reduced Operating Costs
    • Free Software Updates
    • Free Technical Support
  • Improved ROI
  • Advanced diagnostics

    An unlimited site license for a complete software suite – including project development, HMI, work station development, alarm management, data archiving, and trending – for one low price.

  • Triplicate I/O communications

    Triplicate I/O communications travel over redundant 100 Mbit networks with multiple embedded CRC error checking routines to Chassis Processors in each chassis where output voting occurs

Data Acquisition and Control Since 1968

RTP Corp. has developed and manufactured data acquisition and control system solutions since 1968. The company has millions of I/O channels installed worldwide and a roster of customers that includes the world’s largest industrial producers and nuclear-power plants. Our products, ranging from process-control software to RTP I/O and processors, are widely recognized for their rugged, long-lasting design, resulting in a demonstrated MTBF rate exceeding one million hours.

You need solutions from your suppliers, not problems. You need solutions that don’t break or become obsolete. You need solutions that deliver cutting- edge performance. You make it your policy to procure solutions that live up to your expectations. We make it our policy to exceed them. This means we turn customers into long-term partners.

As a matter of policy, we never leave a customer stranded.

We have services that ensure you receive maximum return on your investment. In fact, when you buy an RTP product, you will find that it’s just the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding partnership.

Reliability to us means more than product performance. It means responsiveness. It means on-time delivery of high-quality products. It means answering technical questions and delivering dependable service.

It means you can count on us.

Ten-Year Warranty

RTP provides a ten-year warranty on the RTP3000 TAS series product which ensures unmatched security. RTP systems have passed rigorous Nuclear IE-requirements and conform to the highest quality standards in the process-control industry.

Hassle-Free Software Policy

RTP NetSuite is provided as an unrestricted site license with free software upgrades for a one-time registration fee, and with no annual maintenance fees.

Capital Costs

Customers routinely pay up to 50% less for RTP DCS/SIS systems that for traditional DCS and SIS systems. This savings is made possible by RTP’s unique approach to business.

All RTP hardware and software products are designed and built by RTP at RTP’s corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL. The savings that RTP experiences by not supporting contract manufacturers or paying software royalties to sub-suppliers, it passes directly to you.

Operating Costs

Add to this RTP’s refreshing approach to software licensing. While most of the industry has moved from a hardware-centric profit model to one that focuses on achieving profitability by increasing software licensing and support fees, RTP continues to believe that software should be an enabler that allows its customers to get the most value from the hardware they purchase from RTP. To that end, the RTP NetSuite software suite is sold as a one-time site license. This site license includes many functions that are not traditionally included in a base-level DCS package, such things as:

  • Support of all 61131-3 programming languages, Fuzzy Logic Programming, and C ++ support.
  • A redundant alarming and data archiving package.
  • A complete historian with trending and report generation capability.
  • OPC client and server applications for connectivity to foreign devices.

As if the above didn’t provide enough value to justify the Costs Less mantra, RTP also provides free support and free software upgrades. Just avoiding the typical cost of software subscriptions and telephone support costs can repay the total purchase price of your RTP DCS/SIS system in five (5) years or less.

Over a 10-year period, our customers will save twice their original purchase price by choosing RTP.