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Why Choose RTP?

For more than three decades of business, RTP has consistently demonstrated one of the highest ROI's of any control system available:

High Availability (Less Downtime)

The 99.999% availability of RTP's TMR eliminates 1 in 10 unplanned shutdowns that are attributable to the control system, reducing costly downtime.

Lowest Startup Cost

Lower initial investment for RTP's TMR vs. traditional DCS give higher availability for less.

Lowest Hardware Support Cost

With a standard three-year warranty and a typical Mean Time to Failure Spurious in excess of 2600 years, hardware support agreements are a thing of the past.

Unlimited Site License

An unlimited site license for a complete software suite - including project development, HMI, work station development, alarm management, data archiving, and trending - for one low price.

Free Software Support and Upgrades

Never pay for software support or upgrades again; RTP's software support and upgrades are free.