Why Choose RTP

50+ Years of Technical Excellence

Closeup of two major platforms - Cantarell Field, Mexico

For more than three decades of business, RTP has consistently demonstrated one of the highest ROI’s of any control system available:

  • High Availability (Less Downtime)

    The 99.999% availability of RTP’s TMR eliminates 1 in 10 unplanned shutdowns that are attributable to the control system, reducing costly downtime.

  • Lowest Startup Cost

    Lower initial investment for RTP’s TMR vs. traditional DCS give higher availability for less.

  • Lowest Hardware Support Cost

    With a standard three-year warranty and a typical Mean Time to Failure Spurious in excess of 2600 years, hardware support agreements are a thing of the past.

  • Unlimited Site License

    An unlimited site license for a complete software suite – including project development, HMI, work station development, alarm management, data archiving, and trending – for one low price.

  • Unlimited Site License

    Never pay for software support or upgrades again; RTP’s software support and upgrades are free.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    RTP provides a ten-year warranty on the RTP3000 TAS series product which ensures unmatched security. RTP systems have passed rigorous Nuclear IE-requirements and conform to the highest quality standards in the process-control industry.